banke national park

Banke District | Kohalpur | Nepalgunj

Banke District is one of the seventy seven district of Nepal, is a part of Province No. 5. Nepalgunj is its district headquarters and the district is located in Midwestern Nepal. It covers an area of 2,337 km2 and had a population of 385,840 in 2001 and 491,313 in 2011. Indigenous ethnic groups of hindu, muslim and Buddhist are living there.

Bageshwori Temple

bageshwori temple banke

Bageshwori is one of the most important Hindu temple of Goddess Durga. It is the oldest temple in Banke District and one of the form of Goddess Durga. Bageshwari or Vaageshwari, which is derived from two word Vak and Ishwar where Vak means voice and ishwari means goddess. According to hindu myth, when Sati (wife of lord Shiva) died, God Shiva was performing Tandav with dead body place to place, after the decomposition of her body parts one by one. It is belived that the tongue was fallen here and the temple was established here with the name of Bageshwari. This temple is famous in Nepal as well asĀ  it is also famous in India also. Many devotees of different country come here almost daily to worship on the occasion of Shard Navratra and Chaitra Navratra.

Banke National Park

banke national park

Banke National Park is located in a central western development of Nepal which was established as 10th park on 12th of July 2010. It is also regarded as a gift of the nature in 1998. The park in connect with transboundary Landscape that link Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary in India through national and community forests towards south. There are about 35,712 populations with 4,861 households in buffer zone. Local Tharu community, Brahmin, Magar, Chhetri, Tamang, Gurung and Majhi are living there. Most of them depends on agriculture and remaining of them depending on trade and labor. There are regular flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu, it takes eight hours bus ride from Mahendranagar and seven hours bus ride from Dhangadi to reach there.

Thing to do in Banke National Park


Hiking is an good experience when you walk into this beautiful park. In addition, Banke Nikunj is the enjoyable spot where you can like hiking. As a result this spot is used for to enjoy the right activities where different of plant and animal are found in this park.

Jungle Safari

This park is also perfect for jungle safari where a visitor travel by jeep or elephant. Well jeep safaris will take you to various place which is and sufficient time to explore places. When you do elephant safaris, you can feel more secure and had lots of fun.


We can enjoy cycling only on some places due to the danger of the wild animals. We have to hire the personnel with some charge based on the rule of the Banke national park. Because of guidance, we can feel safe and can acquire complete pleasure from there.

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