ThgereNepal is rich in natural destinations to visit. World’s most recommendable visiting destinations lies in Nepal. Among those Bardiya is one of the most visiting places to visit in Nepal. Let us learn few things about this destination.

Places to visit in Nepal | Bardiya

Bardiya District is one of the seventy seven District of Nepal which is part of Province No. 5. Gulariya is its headquater with almost an area of 2025 sqm km. The population was 382,649 in 2001 census and 426,576 in 2011 census. It has been satisfied with various culture and influence historical stories where it offers a best opportunity for the visitors. It is identify highly in an agriculture field and is the main incomes resources for the Bardiya peoples. According the history, Tharus are the first local community in the lowland Terai region.

Bardia National Park

bardiya national park

Bardiya National Park is one of the main attraction in Bardiya and the largest national park which spread over 968 sq km. It was established in 2032 B.S. (1975 AD.) and is home to the endangered Royal Bengal tiger and Nepal’s famous one horned rhinoceros. This park host over 500 different mammals, more than 400 species of bird, and several varities of water animal and reptiles. Apparently, this park is most popular for Bengal tiger, rhino, elephant, swamp deer, blackbuck, gharial crocodile and marsh-mugger crocodile. Some time we can see Gangetic dolphin in Karnali River.

Things to do in Bardiya

Explore the jungle

It is the great moment to get close to nature and can see different animals like tiger, elephant, one horned rhinocerous etc in the jungle. There is an elephant safari or jeep safari to those visitor who prefer to take the easy way to visit the jungle. Morning and the late evening are the best time to visit jungle.


An entire day’s wild boating on the Karnali River is likewise an ideal approach to watch the jungle from different view point than on foot. Boating is the extraordinary chance to visitor to see Asiatic Gangetic dolphin, crocodiles, bugs and many more creatures. Therefore Boating is considered as one of the best things to do.

Bird Watching

It is the best place for bird lover because we can find over 400 species of bird.  It has become always a bird watching paradise. Egrets, Black lbis, Francolins, Lesser Whistling Duck, Hornbillss, Kingfishers, Warblers and many more birds are spotted in this National park.

Crocodile Breeding Centre

There is crocodile breeding centre inside the park and also outside near the Elephant breeding centre. We can get close up with two types of Crocodiles like Marsh Mugger and Gharial Crocodile. We have to pay some charge to view the crocodiles.

Elephant Breeding Centre

Another opportunity to get close up after crocodile is elephant breeding centre. It is located to the south of Bardia National Park. We can find various ages of elephant in elephant breeding centre. We have to pay little charge to enter and although it is open all day.

Dalla home stay

Dally is located in khata corridor of Bardia National Park. It is a small village where community members have shown remarkable commitment and stewardship in biodiversity conservation in the region. This home stay concept was developed by the local community members as a tourist attraction in the region. It helps to generate alternate sources of income for the community. The visitors are welcome by their hosts to stay in their simple mud-built huts that form part of the traditional family home. At the home stay village, tourist will gain good experience of the culture and tradition of its people and also get a better information of the rich biodiversity of the region.

Krishna Shar Conservation Area

This conservation Area is located in Khairapur of Bardiya district (mid-west region). Krishna Shar is the only place in Nepal that shelters the almost extinct population of Black bucks. Government of Nepal has declared Krishna Shar Conservation Area in 2009 AD. Black buck is one of the protected species under this conservation area. Because of this conservation effort today there are 216 black bucks in this conserved area, a significant growth.

Thakurbaba Temple

thakurbaba temple bardiya

This temple is located in the heart of Thakurdwara village, a 10 minute walk from the headquater of Bardia National Park. According to hindu myth, it is the temple of God Bishnu. Many devotees comes here to worship Thakurbaba God and take bath in a very cold water of flowing river. Not only that devotees stand in a queue and fasting hoping to fulfill their wish or desire.


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