Bhojpur – Some places to visit

Bhojpur  District is one of two urban municipalities which lies in Province No. 1 of Nepal. The district was established on 18th may 2014 by merging the existing Bhaisipankha, Bokhim, Taksar Village Development Committees. As bhojpur bazaar is famous for khukuri and its metal works. It has given employment to skilled Newar craftsmen. A part from bhojpur bazaar there are two other major towns which includes Dingla to the north, Ghoretar to the south and Taksar flows to the airstrip, through which flights get connected to Biratnagar and Kathmandu.

Mundhum Trail


Mundhum is the bygone religious scripture and folk literature of the Limbu. It is the bygone, native religious of the Nepal. In Limbu language mundhum means “the power of great strength”. It is situated 4,200 meters above the sea level to the viewpoint of Silichung Peak. Mundhum Trail offers the beautiful extensive Mountains view, green valleys, pasture land and lush Forest. It is the Cultural heritage of Sherpa and Kirat Rai group.

mundhum trail bhojpur

We can see five wounderful mountain view which is above 8,000 meters such as Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Cho Oyu. It provides us chance to see small lakes, different kinds of bird, walking into the Rhododendrons jungle, Bamboo jungle, Natural Steam bath, Local culture, Agriculture life of mundhum people, Shepherd life, Yaks with their shelter, Sunrise and sunset can see while walking. We can also see different wild animal like Tahr, Musk Deer, Red panda etc. The mundhum trail starts from Diktel Bazaar and goes through Chakhewa, Dhotre, Maiyung, Rawa Dhap, Salpa Bhanjhyang, Silichung Peak, Hakule, Hanspokhari and Bhojpur taksar is exist points for this visits.

Tamke Dada

tamke dada bhojpur

Tamke dada is a place of religious importance and is also blessed by scenic beauty offering and a panoramic view of the surrounding. Since it is a mountainous area people can observe majestic view and green lush hillsides that seems like a paradise for nature lovers.

Hatuwa Gadhi

It is situated in Ranjbas VDC. This place has a great historical significance. Before the unification of Nepal this place was known as Majh Kirat and was the capital city. One can reach this place by travelling around 30km from the district headquarter.

Salpha pond

Salpha pond is situated in Dobhane VDC at northern Bhojpur. This pond is popular as the largest pond of this district. The crystal-clear water pond and its environment attracts everyone towards this place. It is one of the best places to explore as religious, culture and natural resources.

Golma Raja Golma Rani

This place is famous for its unique natural setting. This place also has a myth associated with it which says that during the ancient times, the entire marriage procession of King Golma had disappeared when it reached this place. So, the place was named after the King. In the stone cliff, images similar to that of the procession can still be seen.

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