Dhankuta – Some places to visit

Dhankuta is one of the fourteen district of province no. 1 of eastern nepal. It is also considered as the queen of hills because it is surrounded by hills. Dhankuta is the headquarter of this district and also the headquarter of Eastern Development Region. Majority of population in this district is filled with Newari, Kiranti and Indo-Aryan groups. One of the most visited place here is Hile. Hile is famous for its natural beauty and mountain views. From Hile mountains like Mt.Everest, Malakhu, Lotshe and Kumbhakarna can be admired. Some other tourist attraction of Dhankuta are Bhedetar,Jalpadevi Temple (Chintang Devi Temple),Dhaje Hill,The Banyan Tree,Rajarani,Hile and Pakhribaas.


bhedetar dhankuta

Bhedetar is situated twenty six kilometers away from the headquarter of this district or dhankuta bazar. If we travel from kathmandu to Dhankuta we need to travel through Bhedetar. It is located on a great height from where we can enjoy the beauty of terai plains. We can also enjoy the beauty of snow capped mountains like Kanchanjunga, Malakhu, Lotshe and Kumbhakarna. The weather of bhedetar gives you the chilling vibes.

Jalpadevi Temple

Jalpadevi temple dhankuta

Jalpadevi Temple is located 20km far from Hile.This temple is also known as Chintang Devi Temple because it is located in the place named chintang. The temple is named Jalpadevi because it is believed that the goddess is formed or situated in water.Large number of pilgrims visit this temple every year hoping their whishes come true.

Dhaje Hill

Dhaje Hill is 13km away from Bhedetar and is located at a height of 2047m from sea level. From this height we can enjoy the view of all sixteen districts.We can also enjoy the view of Tamar River from this place.

The Banyan Tree

The largest Banyan Tree of asia is loacted in the Dhakuta District in Dadha Bazar. This tree is believed to be two hundred and fifty years old and the perimeter of the base of this tree is also huge. Most of the people visiting Dhankuta District also visit this place.


Rajarani lake dhankuta

Rajarani is a beautiful lake located in the top of the hill. This beautiful lake attracts also the tourist visiting Dhankuta District. It takes about one and half hours to reach this place from Bhedetar.

Hile and pakhribass

pakhribas dhankuta

Hile and pakhribass are popular for the frosty climate located in Dhankuta. Hile is also well known for Tongba ( A typical drink of Limbu community). Most of the people visit this place to enjoy frosty climate. Most of the people living in this place are Tamang and Sherpa and this place is also known as Hile gumba.

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