resunga tapobhumi

Gulmi lies on the northern boundary of Lumbini zone in the western development region which is a small hilly district. The district with Tamghas as it headquarters. It is famous for coffee farming. Many of the temples are situated in Ruru, a holy place now also known as Ridi is a market center of the district. Gulmi is rich with naturally beautiful views and natural resources that favors high possibility of tourism. The major attractions of this place are Dhurkot’s Bichitra cave, holy place Resunga, religious and historical importance place i.e Ruru Dham, Shringeshwor Tapobhumi Lekha, Chhatradevi Mandir. The best time to visit this place is October to December and February to April. This place also offers adventurous activities such as bird watching and hiking.

Places to visit in Gulmi

Resunga tapobhumi

resunga tapobhumi gulmi

Resunga is the holy place of Gulmi which is one of the most beautiful hills to visit in Nepal. Amazingly it is elevated at 2347m above sea level. It is about 3 to 4 hours trek from the district headquarters Tamghas. There is also a rough road where small 4 wheelers could almost go to the top. Visitors can have a spectacular 180degree view of snow-capped mountains such as Mt. Dhaulagiri to the plains of Terai from the view tower. A religiously popular Yagyashala (fire place), old temples, ponds and a view tower are the attractions of this place. Region’s holy festivals Harisayani Ekadashi, Saune Aunsi and Haribodhani Ekadashi takes place here annually.


There are many historic temples in this place of Gulmi district. Most famous temple among them is Rikhesar temple which was established by Mukund Sen, the king of Palpa. It is said that the king discovered the deity of God Rishikesh in the Kali Gandaki river when he had a holy dip. There are many caves temples here. The old lime stones mines have created deep caves and beautiful shapes in the caves. Those shapes are worshipped as the image of gods and goddess. There is a Buddhist Chaitya temple called Sugandha Bihar which is one and half century old.

rishikeshav temple gulmi

Maghe sakranti is the most important and biggest festival of Ridi. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims from Nepal and India pay homage to Lord Rishikesh during the festival. Another important festival of Ridi is the annual festival of Rishikesh. Newars are the main inhabitants of Ridi where their colourful cultural and religious ceremonies and festivals draws the attention of every stranger.

Sri Aurobindo Tapobhumi

It is one of the best Ashrams in Nepal which is located at the immaculate heights of the lands of Gulmi. The place itself is very famous for adventurous hiking and splendid views of the mountain. Doing yoga and meditation in serene and inspiring surroundings is to search oneself through the peace, solitude, self-contemplation, to manifest the divine beauty, harmony into one’s life. Besides enjoying the spiritual course of this tour, there is a chance to hike up the mountain to get rewarding views of the entire valleys and practice yoga and meditation on the top. The Ashram located on top of the mountain in this district is one of the most spectacular places to visit and find inner peace.

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