Kapilvastu district often called Kapilbastu is one of the districts of Province No. 5, Nepal with Taulihawa as its district headquarter. Kapilvastu is one among six districts of Lumbini zone which lies in western development region. Taulihawa is known as the oldest cities of Nepal. This district lies at an altitude of 107meters above sea level on Nepal’s southern border across from Khunwa, Uttar Pradesh state India.


Kapilvastu was the childhood home of Gautama Buddha, being the capital of the Shakyas over whom his father ruled. The followers of Buddhism and the tourists want to observe the peace and enlightenment always prefer to visit this sacred place.

Places to visit in Kapilvastu/Kapilbastu


NiglihawaNiglihawa is situated about 7km northeast of Taulihawa. It is identified as the holy place where Kanakamuni Buddha was born. The Asoka inscription engraved on the pillar in Brahmi script and Pali language attests the fact that Emperor Asoka enlarged the Kanakamuni Buddha’s stupa. A stone pillar was erected and worshiped it to mark the birthplace of Kanakamuni Buddha on the occasion of the twentieth year of his coronation. The pillar also bears an inscription “Om mani padmne hum and Sri Ripu Malla Chiram Jayatu 1234” of King Ripu Malla.

Maya Devi Tilaurakot

Maya Devi Temple
Tilaurakot is situated about 29km west of Lumbini and has been identified as the historical site of Kapilvastu. Siddhartha Gautama spent the first 29 years of his life in this place. The site sits in a peaceful meadow on the banks of the Banganga river. The shrine nearby with several carved pachyderms is devoted to Maya Devi. Not only that there is a small museum at the final turn-off to Tilaurakot which displays some of the artefacts found at the site. Tilaurakot exhibits perfect features of ancient palace architecture as it is at a higher elevation secured by a wide and tall fortification wall and a moat encircling it from outside. Near the centre of the site lies a temple dedicated to the deity Samai Mai which is located on top of a mound.


Jagdishpur taal

Jagdishpur Taal
Jagdishpur taal is located to the south of east-west highway near the road to Taulihawa. It is the best place for sight-seeing and viewing different kind of bird species that migrate annually to Nepal from Europe and Siberia. Visiting this place one can enjoy the beauty of nature. One can reach here from Lumbini within 2 hours. Many species of birds that inhabit the Jagdishpur wetland area are an attraction for the visitors.


Gotihawa is situated about 5 km southwest of Taulihawa which is believed to be the birthplace of Krakuchhanda Buddha. Excavations that were carried out resulted in many stupas and monasteries.


It is located 1.4 km east of Niglihawa and about 10km northeast of Taulihawa. Araurakot is identified as the town where Kanakamuni Buddha lived, grew up and spent his married life. Today it is a fortified area with the remains of ancient moat and brick fortifications.



Kundan is located 2 km southwest of Taulihawa on the way to Gotihawa at Kapilvastu District. This place is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha preached after he was enlightened. And also, his father became a Buddhist in this place. It is a beautiful protected garden area which contains the remains of many stupas and monasteries.


It lies 3.5 km north of Tilaurakot and west of Banganga river. Besides the usual stupas, excavations at this place brought out some rare antique items like caskets etc.

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