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Nawalparasi East is a part of which belongs to Gandaki Pradesh and part to Province No. 5 with Ramgram as its district headquarter. It is the place where the midpoint of Mahendra highway lies is just another city in between two major cities Chitwan and Bhairahawa. Chitwan National Park itself has extended to the Nawalparasi, which is the popular place for Tharu culture, jungle safari, homestay and local village tour. Nawalparasi could be the tourist destination for the spiritual and wildlife tour. Thousands of tourists visit Chitwan National Park and Lumbini every year through Nawalparasi but it receives less as compared to these places.

Places to visit in Nawalparasi East

Maulakalika Temple

maulakalika temple nawalparasi east

Maulakalika is a famous Hindu temple of Goddess Kalika located in Gaindakot municipality of Nawalparasi East. The temple is famous for religious point of view and also a hiking destination. During Dashain festival in September-October, temple is crowded with devotees and hikers worshipping Goddess Kalika. It is a hiking spot as it offers the panoramic views of Narayani river, nearby towns of Gaindakot and Chitwan. Also Mt. Manaslu can be observed on the north side and beautiful sunrise views in the early morning.

Devchuli Hill

Devchuli is also the hiking spot located at Pragatinagar, Devchuli municipality Nawalparasi district. Thousands of people Nepal and other countries come to visit there. The scene from the area of devchuli hill to the terai region is amazing. Devchuli is the religious, natural and historical place that should be promoted as the attraction for tourism. The major attraction of this site are tiger, elephant, rhino, antelopes and different species of birds, local culture and history, beautiful Annapurna mountain views and rhododendron forests. People can get amazing view of the sunrise from the devchuli hill.

devchuli hill nawalparasi east

On the occasion of ram nawami most people visit there because there is Devchuli temple which is famous for tharu community. Devchuli was introduce as a tourism destination in Year 2011 by Haribhakta Kandel of the Integrated Tourism Development Forum. It is the centre of belief of the Tharu people. The tharu committee has developed a view tower with the height of 23 meters in the Devchuli hill which is an altitude of 1,936 meters.

Shashwat Dham

shaswatdham nawalparasi east

Shashwat Dham is a Hindu temple located in Devchuli of Nawalparasi East which is established by the Chaudhary Group. There is a Shiva temple which is surrounded by a pond that contains water from famous religious sites such as Pashupatinath temple, Muktinath and Haridwar. Beside the temple there are lots of things to observe at the dham.

Amaltari Village Homestay

amaltari nawalparasi east

Amaltari village homestay is dominant of Tharu community where you can experience true Tharu life. It has become a popular practice among tourists visiting Nawalparasi East to spend a few nights in Amaltari’s homestays to experience Tharu life. Tharu is one of the popular and respected indigenous group of Nepal rich in their typical culture and lifestyle.

Jungle Safari

jungle safari in nawalparasi east

A jungle safari in the Nawalparasi side of the Chitwan National park is one of a great way to explore the wildlife. Chitwan National Park is home for the Asian One-horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, leopard, varieties of deer, sloth, rhesus monkey, wild boar, jackals, civets, mongooses, cats and snakes. Visitors can also enjoy canoe trip where they float down in the river which is another attraction of the Chitwan jungle safari. Chitwan is also a bird watcher’s gratify with more than four hundred migrant and local species. Since Nawalparasi East side is not as crowded with people, there is a much higher chances of spotting some animals.

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