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Nawalparasi West is a part of which belongs to Gandaki Pradesh and part to Province No. 5 with Ramgram as its district headquarter. It is the place where the midpoint of Mahendra highway lies is just another city in between two major cities Chitwan and Bhairahawa. Chitwan National Park itself has extended to the Nawalparasi, which is the popular place for Tharu culture, jungle safari, homestay and local village tour. Nawalparasi could be the tourist destination for the spiritual and wildlife tour. Thousands of tourists visit Chitwan National Park and Lumbini every year through Nawalparasi but it receives less as compared to these places.

Places to visit in Nawalparasi West

Valmiki Ashram

valmiki ashram nawalparasi west

Valmiki Ashram is situated 2km east to Triveni Dham inside the forest of Ramayan era. The Ashram is said to retreat where pregnant Sita, who was exiled by her husband Ram, took shelter in the great sage ashram and gave birth to her two sons Lava and Kush. Sita after being abandoned from Ram’s kingdom stayed here and raise her sons. The famous Hindu saint Valmiki is also said to have stayed here meditating afterwards the name was given to the hermitage.

This ashram reflects the life story of the author of great Hindu Epic- The Ramayana. It is a very famous holy place, Tribenidham. The adjoining point of three rivers named as Sunbhadra, Tamsa and Narayani, Tribeni has a unique religious importance. It holds archaeological, religious and historical values in the form of huge and numerous carvings. A temple of Harinath is also located here beside which idols of saint Valmiki on right and Sita and her sons on left are made.


Ramgram is a town and headquarter of Nawalparasi district. It is about 9km from the Mahendra highway, the arterial roadway of Nepal which is connected through Sunwal municipality. Ramgram is mainly Hindu but it is also an important place for Buddhists because it is the location of Ramagrama stupa. This stupa was constructed some 2500 years ago that contains one of the relics of Buddha. It was discovered by archaeologist of Asiatic Society of Bengal Dr. W.Hoey in 1899. But it took another 65 years to confirm that it was a stupa with Buddha’s relics. At present Ramgram stupa is 7meters in height and built completely with bricks and clay. It is preserved by Lumbini Development Trust.

These are some places to visit in Nawalparasi West. Have you visited Myagdi? To read some information about Myagdi. Click here!!

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