Some famous places to visit in Okhaldhunga

Okhaldhunga is one of the 14 districrt of eastern Nepal.The headquarter of this district is set on Okhaldhunga Bazar. Okhaldhunga is the place where Shiddhicharan Shrestha and Democratic leader Lal Bahadur Rai was born. It is one of the beautiful destination site of nepal surrounded by hills from all the side.This district is not only rich in natural beauty but is also rich in cultural heritage. One of the famous temple of Hindu Goddess Durga, Chandi Devi temple also lies in khaldhunga.

Tolu Gumba situated in Jantarkhani is also one of the famous destination for Buddhists pilrimage. It is especially belonging to sherpa community. Chandisthan Gupha(cave) is another cultural destination of this district. The cave is approximately 299ft long where hot wind blows all the time is considered as mysterious cultural site to visit. Major rivers like Sunkoshi, Dudhkhosi, Malung, Sera flow through this district. It also consists of major waterfalls like Pakali, Salabu , Dhikure, Serna,etc. The major cultural practises and predominant languages in Okhaldhunga are Rai,Tamanag, Nepali, Magar, Sherpa , Newari, Limbu and Bhojpuri. The famous tourist attractions of this district are Pokali Waterfalls, Tholedemba Hill, Rumjatar, Kudkabeni and Kakani.


Pokali Waterfall

pokali jharana okhaldhunga

Pokali Waterfall lies in Pokali, the second largest VDC in okhaldhunga and is located at the border of Ramechhap District.This waterfall is claimed to be second highest waterfall of nepal with a height of 130m. The chilling weather around this waterfall attracts the tourists visiting this district.

Tholedemba Hill

tholedemba okhaldhunga

Tholedemba hill also known as Khiji Tholedemba lies in western Okhaldhunga district .The name Khiji Tholedemba comes from Sunuwar language. Khiji Tholedemba is located in the height of 3400m. It is the collection of various hills located in Dolakha, Ramechhap and Solukhumbu. The panaromic view  of beautiful mountains like Gaura Parvat, Gaurishankar, Himalayas, Mount Everest can be viewed from Khiji Tholedemba.Natural beauty, panaromic views , ethnic cultures of Sunuwar, Sherpa, Bhujea and Chettri are the major attractions of this place.

Champadevi temple

Another popular religious destination of Okhaldhunga district is Champadevi Temple at the Bilandu VDC ward number 9. It is one of the acclaimed sanctuaries of Goddess Durga. According to Hindu Myth, Durga is the protective mother of the universe. On the occasion of Navratri (month of September and October) many visitor visit there to get peace, spiritual happiness and prosperity.

Tolu Gumba

Tolu Gumba is the famous place of pilgrimage for Buddhists and is located in Janatrakkhani VDC. Tolu Gumba dominated by Sherpa ethnic society. The monastery that enshrines brass, concrete image of Lord Buddha and is full of wooden. It  is so attractive place that calls for at least one visit.

Chandisthan Cave

It is a famous cave located at Ragini VDC, west of the Okhaldhunga district headquarters. This cave is around 299 ft long cave where the hot wind blows all the time and consider as the mysterious place of religious signification.

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