Panchthar district is located on the eastern part of the country which is a beautiful hill district at laying near illam. This region is well known for its characteristic splendour and distinctive religious place arranged in this place. This district is bordered by West Bengal and Sikkim in the east, Dhankuta and Tehrathum in the west, Taplejung in the north and Illam in the south. Majestic views of the snowwhite as well as lush green mountains is offered by this place and also is rich in terms of culture and natural resources. There are many places of fascination in this region. Phidim bazzar, Jorsal bazzar, Yasok, Rabi, Mehebote, Oyam Sukepokhari, Chyangthapu are some tourist destinations. Tamor, Hima khola, Ima Khola, Namdu Khola, Kabeli and Nibhu Khola, Jore Pokhari, Suke Pokhari, Namdu Mahamir, Ratmate and Baraha Pokhari are the major ponds and waterfalls in this district.

Places to visit in Panchthar


phidim panchthar

Phidim is the headquarter of this region. Panchthar is additionally prevalently known as the Pallo Kirat. In past this place was led by Limbu and till today dominant part of population of this area are from Rai and Limbu community. It serves as a route for travelers and locals who travel to and from the Taplejung district.


Aangsarang in the district is a very beautiful place that is located at the distance of about three and four hour walks from Ranke and Phidim respectively. It is a little VDC arranged in this locale. This place is well known for trekking and observing the mountain. The delightful scene and a position of religious essentialness makes it considerably more alluring. Panchthar is clustered with various other beautiful destinations as well as the places of religious significance.


Chhalasukka is another popular place in this district which lies over the beautiful hillock providing the panoramic view of the mountains, rivers and small valleys. This place is fascinating with many myths and legends surrounding it and the people living here.


yasok panchthar

Yasok is a little town arranged in Panchthar locale that can be reached by following couple hour of going from the headquarter Phidim. Many wonders and mysteries of the nature could be observed during the visit to this place.


miklajung panchthar

Miklajung is nestled among the beautiful hills of Panchthar district and has a great potential for becoming a tourist hub. The area is surrounded by rivulets running between the hills forming a spectacular landscape. Fog dances is interesting that arises from the gorges and disappears in the sky. This village incorporates tidy and small houses. People of this area are involved in agriculture and animal husbandry. Tourists visit this place to take a break from their busy lives and relieve their stress in the midst of serene nature. Visitors can observe beautiful sunrise, magnificent mountains, different districts of the eastern region and typical hill villages.


sadhutar panchthar

Sadhutar of Ranitar in Panchthar has been witnessing an influx of domestic tourists from Phidim and other local areas to spend their holidays. It lies near from Pauwa Bhajyang along the Mechi Highway. This place has a serene blue pond surrounded by bare hills. It has become a hotspot for the local people to enjoy the reflection of Himalayan ranges including Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna among others. People enjoy taking photos of the beautiful scenery while having some snacks by the side of the pond in Sadhutar.

Some tourist attractions

Some tourist attractions in this region are Guru Falgunanda trek circuit, Lobrekuti Kirant Temple, Gajurmukhi Dham, Laramcha Chukkinamba. Nepal is a country-sized adventure playground for lovers of the great outdoors, where trekkers can clamber over creaking glaciers, tie prayer flags atop mountain passes and stopping for the night in an ancient stone village. A beautiful district in the eastern part of the country, Panchthar would have been a popular tourist destination if the proper promotions had been done.

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