Pyuthan is a hilly district which is around 400 km West of Kathmandu in Rapti zone in Province No.5 of Mid-western Nepal. Pyuthan Khalanga is the district headquarter of this district. The district fringes Dang Deukhuri district toward the southwest along the peak of the Mahabharat range. And reaches out around 50 km upper east through the middle hills to a 3000+ meter edge that is both Pyuthan’s border with Baglung locale of Dhaulagiri zone and the fundamental watershed between the west Rapti and Gandaki river basins. Pyuthan borders Rolpa toward the west. It contains all of Jhimruk khola of the two upper tributaries of the west Rapti river, and lower a portion of Madi khola after it exits Rolpa. This district borders Lumbini zone including Arghakhanchi and Gulmi locale on the southeast. The valley of Jhimruk Khola is the center of Pyuthan locale.

Places to visit in Pyuthan


Swargadwari is located over a hill top of Pyuthan which is the famous pilgrimage (meaning Heaven’s Door). Hundreds of people, especially people following Hindu religion travel to this place for religious peace. There is a belief that this place is the door to Heaven and one should try to get to the Heaven to be blessed by God after death. The place offers tourists from pilgrimage, amazing views of snow-capped mountains, lush-green paddy fields, dense coniferous and rhododendron forests, and the rural life of the Western Nepal.


Swargadwari Mahapravu proclaimed himself as the Avatara to reinstate the Dharma, Culture, Yoga and performed Yagyas. He spent all his life in this place herding and milking thousands of cows. In this very place he took his last breath and all the rituals he started have been continued by his disciples till date. This place is believed to be the Taposthal where the Panch Pandavas performed Tapasya (meditation) during their journey in the Himalayas enroute to the Heaven. Also, this is believed to be the very place from where Yudhisthir (the eldest son of Pandava) entered the Heaven with his dog. King of Gods- Indra performed Yagyan during the Satya Yuga at this place.

Okharkot Dada

Okharkot is bounded by seven VDCs: Narikot, Badikot, Tusara, Libang, Bagemaroth, Puja and Torwang of Pyuthan district. From Okharkot dada, we can observe beautiful scenic views that includes greenery nature, villages and some mountains. People who love to enjoy natural beauty and greenery can visit this place. Chettri, Brahmin and Dalit are the main inhabitants of this VDC.


Pyuthan Khalanga is a bazaar town and the administrative centre of this district. The town is located on a mountainside about 500 meters above the intensively cultivated floodplain of Jhimruk Khola. It is about 15 km north of the Mahabharat Range in the middle hills.

pyuthan khalanga

Some Cultural/Religious Sites

  • Bhagawati Temple
  • Rameshwor Mahadev Temple
  • Khalanga Ganesh Temple
  • Laxmi Narayan Temple
  • Radha Krishna Temple
  • Lungko Dewali

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