Lumbini- The birthplace of Lord Buddha

Rupandehi district is a part of Province No.5 with Siddharthanagar as its district headquarter. The birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini lies in this district. Also, the birthplace of Mayadevi (mother of Lord Buddha), Devdaha lies in this district.

Places to visit in Rupandehi


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Lumbini is located 22km west of Siddharthanagar Bhairahawa at Rupandehi district. It is one of the world’s most important spiritual sites, and is home to the historic birthplace of the Lord Buddha. Mayadevi temple is the most important site here with many historians and archaeologists referring to it as the place of birth of Lord Buddha. Engraving on the Ashoka Pillar also refers the spot as his birthplace. It is said that the newly born Prince took his first seven steps. On the day of Baisakh Purnima (full moon day of May in 623 BC), Mayadevi the Queen of Shakya King Suddhodhana of Kapilvastu took a bath in Sacred pond named Pushkarini. Soon after she took support of a tree branch and gave birth to the Prince Siddhartha who later became the Buddha.

royal thai monastery rupandehi lumbinimonastery rupandehi lumbini

There are magnificent monasteries built by different Buddhist countries like China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and many more where tourists can visit and observe the different architecture and prayer areas. There are also many tourists who come to Lumbini to learn about Buddhism. Emperor Ashoka visited Lumbini three hundred years after the Mahaparinirvana and erected a pillar there. It was known as the Rummendei pillar after the earlier name of the place, but in modern days the pillar is known as Ashokan pillar.


Sainamaina municipality is one of the newly founded municipality in 2014 AD. It is located in Rupandehi district in the Lumbini zone which is 15km away from Lord Buddha’s birth place. This place is based on long-term tourism generation and prosperity. It is surrounded by Butwal Sub Metropolitican City in east, Badganga Municipality and Kapilvastu Municipality in west, Sitganga Municipality, Argakhanchi , Rainadevi Chhara and Tinau Rural Municipality in north and Suddhodhan, Kanchan, Gaidhawaha Rural Municipality in south.

This place is jewelry of various religious, cultural and archeological sites such as Bolbamdham, Malmala Chauraha Baba, Malmala Mandir, Bolbum Tourism park, various monastery buildings. An Indian queen Begum Hazrat Mahal of Awadh, due to the british disturbance in her kingdom came to this area with her soldiers and porters- Sena and Mena and finally this area came to be known as Saina Maina. This place is famous for fascinating resort from historical archaeological culture and natural points of view.

Global peace park

It is a newly born place in Butwal at Rupandehi district and can also be called as symbol of peace. Many international tourists, celebrities and models are attracted here for its own beauty and excellence. It is a beautiful and peaceful space for spending time and for yoga.

Banbatika Forest Resort

It is a garden with abundant space for rest, enjoyment with many attractive and beautiful flowers, playground, spot for picnic, zoo area etc. It is mostly famous by its beautiful places and animals. Banbatika has many animals such as anaconda, white mouses, ostrich, deer, leopards, rabbits and many more. It is one beautiful resort where tourist can enjoy.

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