Syangja is one of the seventy seven district of Nepal which is a part of Gandaki Pradesh. It covers an area of 1,164 km2 and had a population of 289,148. It is situated in the hilly region at an altitude ranging from about 300 meter along with the banks of kaligandaki river up to a couple of thousand meters above the sea level. The district is popular for tourism area. Sirubari, Thaple, Matikhan, Satau, Ramchedanda, Sworek hill paragliding, Satau chandi kalika etc are the most visiting area of this district. The best month to visit syangja from September to March, as the nature exhibits its full splendor in these period.

Destination Syangja


SiruBari Syangja

Sirubari, a village in Syangja district which is located southwest of Pokhara (a paradise like city of Nepal). It is one of the most beautiful Gurung village in the country. The village is on a south facing slope at 1,700 m above the sea level, the village is paradise. It is a perfect destination and attractive village with clean colorful and warm, while the people are educated and friendly and hospitable. You will have traditional meals which will stick to your palate. In the evening, the gurung people will present their culture  dance and songs. Although the climate at Sirubari  is ideal during all times.  However, the best time to visit the village from September to June. The weather is clear so the view to the awesome mountain. PATA Gold Award 2001 in the Heritage & Culture – Heritage Category was won by Sirubari.

Sworek Hill Paragliding

Sworek Hill Paragliding Syangja

Sworek is located in ward number 5 of Bhirkot Municipality which is best destination for paragliding. Paragliding in syangja gives an opportunity for aerial view of the Himalayas. This trip offers some of the best surroundings on earth, as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, kites, eagles and float over temples, monasteries, villages, lakes and jungle, along with a splendid view of the beautiful Himalaya. Best season for paragliding is from October through April. It is 10 kilometer far from Waling can be reached after travelling for an hour by vechicles.


The enchanting matikhan village is awesome sight-seeing destination of Syangja. Tourists arrive at Matikhan for visiting the Himalayan scenery and the sights of pokhara valley. Amazing sunrise, sunset and mountain view are the attractions of Matikhan village. Public transport is available from Pokhara’s Chhorepatan to Matikhan.


Suntalabari is also known as orange orchards. There are many orange palnt around more than 16,000. That’s why the name of this place ihas been named Suntalabari which is situated in ward number 4 of Waling Municipality. It is about 1,185 meters above from the sea level. There are around 32 houses and among them 15 houses provide homestay services for the visitors. Visitors can enjoy natural organic orange juice in this place. This place also provide various adventure sports like Canyoning and Hiking.


Garhausur is the famous place for cultural and natural beauty located in Syangja. It is about 1,700 kilometers above from sea level. There is famous temple called “Gharai Kalika” in this place. We can see beautiful Mountain, Rivers like Kaligandaki, Aadhi Khola and Agricultural terraces from these place. Not only that there are various animal like tigers, foxs, leopards, deer and porcupine cnd be found in this place. It is also popular for religious tourism as well.

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