Tehrathum is one of the districts located in hilly region of Eastern Development region in Koshi Zone. Myanglung is the district headquarter of this region. It is believed that the name of this district Tehrathum is derived from the number of hills situated in this district. In Nepali Tehra means thirteen and Thum means peak so the name Tehrathum means the place with thirteen peaks. This region is situated in the altitude range from 354m to 2963m between Taplejung, Panchthar, Dhankuta and Sankhuwasabha district and is probably known as kingdom of Rhododendron.

We can travel this place from Kathmandu via bus crossing Dharan and Dhankuta. Though it is a under developing district but there is a good road to reach the headquarter of Tehrathum. In this place majority of people are from Limbu community but we can also find Brahmins, Chettri and Rai community people here. There are many places to visit in this district such as Singha Bahini temple, Siddhadevi temple, Jal Kanya Devi temple, Pancha Kanya Devi are few of the religiously important places. And Hyatrung waterfall (Jharana), Tinjure hill, Tinjure-Milke-jaljale area, Margha Pokhari are few of the naturally important places.

Places to visit in Tehrathum

Hyatrung waterfall

Hyatrung waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Nepal of 365 meters that is situated in between Isibu and Samdu VDC. It is among the thirty highest waterfall in the world.

Hyatrung waterfall


Tinjure-Milke-Jaljale is one of the ecologically important regions, lies on the eastern mid-hills of the country at a distance of about 9 km from Basantapur bazaar of Tehrathum district. It is popular for Rhododendron and is known as the ‘Capital of Rhododendron’ with 28 species of Rhododendron. Due to this reason this place is also known as Kingdom of Rhododendron in Nepal. In this area forest and shrub land covers around 64%, rangeland/pasture covers 11% and agriculture land covers 24% of total area. Along with more than 13 sub watersheds and 33 natural ponds of different sizes. This area is also the habitat of more than 30 mammalian species, 274 bird species, 25 insect species, 8 fish species, 6 reptile species, 3 amphibian species and 2 mollusc species.



Singha Bahini temple

It is situated in the heart of Myanglung bazaar, headquarter of Tehrathum district. It is believed that if one prays in this holy place with pure heart than their wish gets fulfilled. If you are planning to visit Tehrathum than you must visit this place since Singha Bahini temple is one of the most popular holy places in this region.

Margha Pokhari

Margha Pokhari is another natural pond on the lap of the hills that holds religious value and scenic beauty. The pond has granted to keep the surroundings green. And its watershed area has a dense forest that habitats popular species of rhododendron and precious plants. It in on the way to Basantapur from Sindhuwa.

Margha Pokhari of Tehrathum

Tinjure hill

As the name specifies it consists of three peaks and is one of the best places in Tehrathum for trekking. Beautiful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Kumbakarna can be seen from this place.

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